DSJ On Demand

Gives You Ultimate Control of Your Print Communications

The ability to manage your print communications from desktop to doorstep is literally a click away with DSJ On Demand the new online print collaboration, ordering and management system from DSJ Printing, Inc. This powerful new tool provides easy access to create, order, ship and manage marketing materials of all types – sales collaterals, promotional items, postcards and more - while maintaining control of your brand standards and integrity you’ve worked so hard to build.

DSJ Provides the tools your organization needs to reduce cost and lead times,manage ever-changing inventories, streamline procurement, and fulfill sales and customer expectations with a click of your mouse or phone!

The extensive array of tools in DSJ’s online print management center clears the way for businesses to meet and exceed company initiatives to drive down costs, improve revenues and pave the way to a more efficient and profitable business model designed to:

  • Eliminate waste of overprints that become obsolete
  • Reduce print costs by converting to print on demand methodology
  • Gain invaluable and comprehensive knowledge of the entire print spend of your organization
  • Drive higher profits by cutting costs out of your process and improving operational efficiency

Key benefits include:

  1. Total Security - Permission based logins give users differing levels of access and permission to create, order, and manage products within the system.
  2. Maintaining corporate branding standards and identity – The ability to create templates with approved e-graphics and text blocks gives the company greater control of their brand.
  3. Convenient Ordering 24/7 – now your sales team has access to the tools they need exactly when they need them, wherever they are. There’s no waiting to reach the marketing department to customize and place an order.  
  4. Easy to use order interface – A simple click on your customized corporate link takes users to a company branded site they can easily navigate to find the product they need, reducing time and aggravation.  
  5. Quick Re-Orders – The system allows you to view previous orders and simply duplicate them without inputting the info multiple times.
  6. Email notifications of shipping /tracking information - Know exactly where an order is and when it is scheduled to arrive – no more phone calls tracking down orders.
  7. Quantity Control – Print On Demand technologies allow you to order only the quantity needed. This eliminates warehousing costs and obsolete materials piling up and going out “by mistake”, as well as the need to destroy them when prices, branding or content changes.
  8. Multiple print methods  – Unlike most companies providing this type of ordering system, we don’t confine you to digital print. We provide all of our traditional services through our storefront technology as well.
  9. Monitor marketing sales tools usage – The ability to view materials and tools frequently ordered and used for various sales situations can significantly increase the success rate of the individual sales person.  This also allows marketing to monitor and determine if certain tools should be upgraded or eliminated based on usage.

Who can benefit from DSJ On Demand?

Anyone who wants to streamline processes, reduce waste and inefficiencies associated with producing and delivering marketing materials, sales collaterals, stationery, promotional items and more. All this while maintaining the environmental stewardship, outstanding service and quality DSJ is known for!

Just a few examples:

  • Pharmaceutical – drug tier listings by territory, federal compliance documents, procedure manuals, point-of-purchase displays, newsletters, drug brochures, side effect lists, forms and labels
  • Retail – point-of-purchase displays, new store openings, event mailings, banners, postcards, sales announcements
  • Automotive – direct mail, posters, banners, car customization, recall notices, service notices, up-sell at time of replacement
  • Health Care – pre & post enrollment kits, benefit options, forms, HSA acct info, evidence of coverage, provider listings, member cards, co-pays
  • Insurance – claims forms, coverage brochures, newsletters, cross-sell and up-sell options, direct mail postcards, business cards 
  • Manufacturing and Technology –  product brochures and collateral, installation instructions, warranty info, parts manuals, vendor forms 

The Ultimate Control of Your Print Communications is Just a Click Away

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