Who We Are

We take pride in being sustainable and are doing our part of keeping it blue!

For more than 65 years we have used papers to make an elegant first impression. DSJ has expanded all it's lines to include more weights, colors and textures that are both recycled and FSC certified. Because we strive to use papers that are made with post-consumer recycled waste and non-polluting wind generated electricity, you'll be making a positive impression on the environment, as well as your customers.

Thanks CJ and Aless @artgoesmedia for an awesome job on this video!

Following are some of the environmental actions we’ve taken to help preserve our mother earth...


Our new digital Hi-speed presses, use only 1 or 2 sheets for make ready. They monitor color on every sheet to ensure quality and consistency while reducing waste. They use wax based toner and no liquid chemical solutions that have to be cleaned or drained which is just one more step in keeping our environment clean.


We use vegetable based organic pigmented inks, for all of our traditional offset printed jobs.

Chemical FREE direct-to-plate technology. This process uses lasers to burn your image directly onto the plate material which keeps toxic chemicals, like those used in most plate-setters and film-setters, from being released into the environment. This also increases the quality of the final product and reduces the turnaround time on any of our traditional offset printing jobs.

Completely recycled wash water & ink. All of our rags and uniforms are washed at a state-of-the-art facility which uses a process that recycles the dirty wash water and detergents. Even the air is filtered on it’s way out of the facility. Our waste ink is recycled and used to produce thermal energy in a process that releases zero pollutants into our environment.


We re-use all wrapping and boxes. Any wrapping or boxes we receive from our vendors is collected and reused to pack and ship our own products.


Streamlining benefits our clients & environment. Do you work for or own a business that places orders frequently, orders requiring repeat info changes and proofs such as business cards, real estate postcards, flyers, trade show collateral, and etc? We have a system that reduces your time spent on menial ordering and proofing tasks, plus it reduces your costs and your lead times. DSJ On Demand sustainably streamlines these ordering process types! Learn more about DSJ On Demand here. 

We’ll keep adding more as we get more green each day! 

Please take advantage of our sustainable services today!